Todd’s Story

Todd Frenchman 

As a sales manager and former semi-pro baseball player, Todd Frenchman was living a full life with his family. All was going well until one day, when the first of a series of unfortunate and unforeseen circumstances hit. On Memorial Day in 2009, a fire truck collided into his wife’s car, breaking her neck, leaving her confined to a hospital bed and halo for 6 months.

As if that wasn’t enough to deal with, just a few months later on a cold November night, Todd awoke to a 10-foot wall of flames lurching toward him. He grabbed his youngest son and darted into the living room to rescue his wife, still confined to a hospital bed and neck halo from the collision. He swiftly got his wife and youngest son to safety, then hurtled back into the flaming house, crawling through thick smoke and flames to rescue their 2-month old puppy.

Once outside, he and his family watched in disbelief as their home and a lifetime of memories burned to ash. Still, all was well because what truly mattered was that every life had been saved.

However, these tragedies left Mr. Frenchman with huge medical bills, copays, and deductibles that insurance wouldn’t cover. Let alone having to rebuild a home while finding another one for shelter.

The culmination of these events negatively impacted both his business and his credit. His credit score plummeted to a low of 524, leaving him unable to obtain neither loans nor credit cards. Bank after bank, credit card turned Todd down due the bad credit score he had thru no real fault of his own – it happened due to circumstances beyond his control.

Determined to raise himself and his family out of this unwarranted financial crisis, Frenchman searched for ways to rectify this quandary. He knew it had to be remedied quickly. Then one day during his hunt, he stumbled upon an arcane law within the Federal Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). The FCRA is an act that regulates the collection of credit information and access to credit reports. The FCRA was passed in 1970 to ensure the fairness, accuracy and privacy of the personal information contained within the files of the credit reporting agencies. This loophole of all loopholes legally obligates the credit card reporting agencies to verify any item it reports on an individual’s credit profile – So in essence the credit bureaus MUST produce original, signed documentation of every item reported on your credit report. As we are all aware, our society dictates that a signature be used as verification of all contracts, even the President must sign documentation before it can be made into law.

Therefore, if the credit reporting agencies are unable to produce a signed contract, this deems the debt unverified and therefore MUST be removed from your credit report. Mr. Frenchman spent months and months crafting a solution that would FORCE THE CREDIT REPORTING AGENCIES LIKE EQUIFAX, TRANSUNION & EXPERIAN to remove items from his own credit report. The pen truly could become the sword!

The solution inside his E-Book is the exact solution Mr. Frenchman used to raise his credit score by over 200 points in less than 60 days, lifting his family from the credit bog they were drowning in and alleviating the errant fiscal burdens that had weighed them down.

Now, he wants to bring this affordable solution to everyone and anyone who’s been frustrated trying to get these credit reporting agencies to correct or remove items that they try to keep on for years and years while artificially keeping your FICO score low.

Simply download the E-Book on the inexpensivecreditrepair.com website, follow the simple instructions and within 60-90 days see just how much you credit score skyrockets!


What People Are Saying

“This was so simple! Using this guide and by following the steps inside it, in less than two months, I was able to get myself out of the bad credit score mess I was in.
I still can’t believe it!”

Anne V - Milwaukie, Oregon     

“This actually works!  The past ten years have been incredibly tough for me, and consequently, my FICO score was low. Then I found this solution… using this brilliant loophole has helped raise my credit score back over 700!
Thank you, Todd!”

Ronald W- Escondido, CA

“It’s like a weight has been lifted. Thank goodness I found this E-book and used this credit score solution! My score went up 83 points in just over 45 days and I’m not done yet! It feels like I can breathe again – inexpensivecreditrepair.com – YOU ROCK!”

Melanie W- Houston, Texas

"My FICO score is up by more than 130 points!  Because of this system I was able to refinance my mortgage at a much lower rate – I saved about $1,300 a year off my mortgage due to raising my FICO score - Thanks, Todd! You are awesome for sharing this method!”

Jackson S- Trenton, NJ

I can’t believe I’m actually saying this – I’m a believer! This cost me less than $20 and by using it I raised my credit score 114 points in just under 12 weeks. I just got approved for a car loan
(after being turned down a year ago).
Best money I ever spent!

Sam B- East Meadow, NY

“’I’ve spent years trying to get my credit score back up to what it used to be. And now I’ve found my solution! Todd did all the research and detailed it in the E-book.
It’s so straightforward and yet pure genius!

Derrick R- Holland, MI 








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